3 in 1 Brokers or Bank brokers – What are they?

Bank Broker (3 in 1 Trading Account )

Three in one trading accounts is stock trading account offered by big banks like ICICI, Kotak, HDFC, SBI etc. In the biggest advantage of this account is that all three accounts,
Demat Account, Stock Trading Account  & Savings Account are with the same financial institution and hence transferring funds from savings to trading & vice a verse is simple.

Three in one Account = Bank Account + Trading Account + Demat Account

Apart from the advantage of simple transfer of funds, these brokers offer excellent stock market research(reports and advisory). They also have local offices in most cities across India and hence customers can visit a branch for questions/concerns about their account. Also, since customers are directly dealing with banks,  investments can be made in multiple financial products like stocks/mutual funds/ IPO’s/ Insurance etc using one portal.

The biggest disadvantage of 3 in 1 brokers is that they charge high brokerage which eats away the profits. If however, you are starting to invest in stock market or are a long-term investor, you can consider opening an account with them for the convenience offered.

Most big banks offer broking services to know more about individual service, brokerages charged, please read individual reviews below:

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Do you have an experience with 3 in 1 brokers or if you have any questions, please share in the comments section.