Review of Angel Broking Demat Account.

Established in 1987, Angel Broking is among top 5 stock brokers in India. Today, Angel has a presence in over 910 cities across India with over 8600 sub-brokers and over 10 lakhs satisfied customers.

Angel Broking provides financial services to retail customers only (end customers like you and me ). Since Angel Broking, deals only with retail customers they are laser focused on providing the best in industry trading platform, research advice, and customer service.

Angel Broking recently introduced ARQ ( intelligent and predictive Wealth Management engine ). In simpler terms, ARQ is computer driven advisory engines which would give recommendations based on individual investors unique financial needs.  When you sign up with ARQ engine(apart from other things) tries to gauge your risk appetite and offers personal stock recommendations to investors.

Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE), National Stock Exchange(NSE) Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) and SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India) have given license to Angel Broking to financial services in following segments:

  • Equities ( also known as Stocks/Shares )
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives ( Futures & Option )
  • Commodity Trading ( Futures )        
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Investment Advisory Service
  • Portfolio Management Service
  • Life Insurance

Angel Broking Demat and Account Opening Charges

Below are details about Trading and Demat Account opening fees for Angel Broking. 


AngelBroking Trading Account Opening charges
NilNot applicable
AngelBroking Trading Account Maintenance charges (AMC)Rs 450Yearly
AngelBroking Demat Account opening chargesNilNot applicable
AngelBroking Demat Account Maintenance chargesRs 450Yearly

Annual maintenance fees for the trading account can be waived for multiple years by paying higher margin charges.

Angel Broking Brokerage Account

Angel offers four different brokerage plans based on margin money paid while opening the trading account. Angel believes that if an account is created with a higher margin then the investor is a serious investor and hence offers them a lower brokerage for life ( and also waives off AMC on trading account for up to three years).

Unlike some other brokers, with Angel margin amount is fully withdrawable into your saving bank account. Hence I would recommend that you open the trading account with high margin amount and later ( if needed), withdraw the entire amount to your bank and get lower brokerage for life ( and AMC free trading account for 3 years).

Angel Broking Brokerage Plans and Charges

Details about margin and brokerage offered by Angel Broking:

SegmentAngel Classic
(Rs 10000 - Rs 24999)
(Rs 25000 - Rs 49999)
(Rs 50000 - 99999)

Over One Lakh
EQUITY DELIVERY0.40%0.280%0.220%0.160%
EQUITY INTRA TRADE/FUTURES0.040%0.0280%0.0220%0.016%
NIFTY OPTIONS (Per Lot)Rs 50Rs 45Rs 40Rs 30
Stock OPTIONS (Per Lot)Rs 100Rs 90Rs 80Rs 60
CURRENCY OPTIONS (Per Lot)Rs 8Rs 7Rs 6Rs 4
CURRENCY FUTURES0.020%0.0114%0.011%0.010%
COMMODITY DELIVERY0.30%0.30%0.30%0.30%
COMMODITY FUTURES INTRADAY0.023%0.019%0.015%0.011%

So if a customer buys and sells shares of Infosys worth Rs 2,00,000 in a week, brokerage payable would be:

Two lakhs ( Delivery based trade)Rs 800Rs 560Rs 440Rs 320

+ Taxes

Hence, you can save over 50% of brokerage(across all segments – for life)  by opting for Elite Plan.

Since brokerage is the most important factor which deciding broker, we have written a detailed article on Angel Broking Brokerage Charges.

Angel Broking Trading Platforms

Angel has developed multiple trading platforms to meet requirements of customers trading across various market segments. 

Angel Broking Web-Browser Based Trading.

Angel broking’s browser based trading website is Angel Eye. Investors and traders who have an account with Angel Broking, can use the website to execute trades. Along with trade execution, customers can use the website for portfolio management and hence the website also provides direct access all transactions, shows realized & unrealized profits and a lot more. Angel eye gives customers access to premium access reports which can be used for in-depth functional & technical research.

Angel Broking Desktop Based Trading Application.

Speed Pro needs to be installed on your home or office computer(EXE software). Speed Pro provides real-time rates updates and you will have the market at your fingertips with the power of live streaming rates. You can trade across market segments, like NSE, Commodities, Currency all from one window. For advanced technical analysis, Angel Speed Pro offer 30 days of intraday details and 20 years historical data with over 70 studies. Integrated news flash window keeps customers informed about breaking news. 

Angel Broking Smart Phones Apps

Angel broking has recently launched an ARQ  power Angel Broking application for Android and IOS. ARQ helps you with stock investments ideas while the smarter trading platform makes online trading Simple, Speedy & Secure. The application offers live streaming quotes, intraday charts with indicators, detailed research reports and much more.

Our recommendation on Angel Broking

I would recommend opening an account with Angel Broking since they are a reliable full-service brokerage who offers:

  • Discounted Brokerage ( If you open the account with higher margin check ).
  • Excellent trading platform with 100% uptime during trading hours.
  • Great research teams which provide daily stock tips for traders.
  • ARQ which provides excellent tips for investors.
  • Support from any branch across India’s for questions/concerns.

We recommend that you open an account with higher margin amount and lock a lower brokerage for life.

Have you been using Angel broking, share your experience in the comments section below. Also, if you have any questions, please put them in the comments box and we would respond.