Documents required for personal loan

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Below is a list of documents which the banks might request, please note that number and list of documents vary based on financial service provider ( Banks or NBFC’s ) 

Application Form

Each individual bank or NBFC ( Non-banking financial institutions) have their personalized application forms for personal loans. The application forms need to be filled & signed and submitted while applying for personal loans.

Proof of Identity

Proof of identity( or ID proof ) is the document which establishes the identity and age of the applicant. Hence documents like Pan Card, Driving license, Voter ID, the passport can be used as proof of identity and any one of these documents is normally accepted as “Proof of identity”.  

Proof of Residence

Proof of residence ( or proof of address ) is the document which establishes the proof that customer lives at a particular address. Documents like ration card, telephone bill, electricity bill, rental agreement, property registration document, passport and bank passbooks can be used as proof of residence and any one of these documents needs to be submitted while applying for personal loan.  

Bank Statements

The applicant needs to submit bank statement of the bank with which he/she has salary account to prove the take home salary. We have seen that banks and NBFC’s may require up to six months of bank statements and via which they get an idea of your salary & saving habit(so they would know how much money would you have left for payment of personal loan EMI – if approved ).

Salary Slips

Applicants need to submit salary slip of at least last three months. The take home amount on salary slip should match the bank statement submitted. Using the Salary slips loan issuing companies come to know if regulatory deductions like provident fund etc are being deducted from your salary and this helps them establish the authenticity of the employer.

Signature Verification Proof

We have seen that some major banks also require a signature verification proof which is used to confirm that person applying for the loan is the same person whose documents are being submitted. If required, the signature verification proof is issued by the bank in which you have your salary account.

Employee ID Card

Employee ID card is also required because it contains employee number with the company and team doing the background check can easily call the employer to verify if the loan applicant is actually working for the organization.


Depending upon the financial institution the applicant needs to submit two photographs along with other documents required to start processing of personal loan applications.


When you applied for the personal loan, did the financial companies requested for any additional documents? If so, please share in the comments section below so that we can include it in the article.