Full Service Brokers – How full is their service?

Full service or conventional brokers are stock brokers who along with providing a platform for executing trades in stock market, also offers services like research reports from financial experts, advisory (stock-tips) and a relationship manager to make your journey in financial market easier.

Full-service brokers offer Trading and Demat accounts to the customer. To start trading, customer needs to transfer money into trading account via RGTS/NEFT etc.

Unlike 3-in-1 stock brokers, stock broking is core expertise of these companies. Hence, they invest heavily in building cutting edge trading applications, providing excellent customer service and much more.  Full services brokers have own branches(sub-brokers network) across almost all tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities for customer support.

Most full-service stock brokers offer two brokerage models:

  • Fixed Percentage Brokerage plans
  • Volume based Brokerage plans

If you are an active trader(with high trade volumes), you should consider using volume based brokerage plans.

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