Why is IDBI PaisaBuilder Direct still a preferred choice of customers?

IDBI Capital Market & Securities Ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of IDBI Bank Limited ( Also known as Industrial Development Bank of India ).

IDBI Capital is a financial services provider catering to the needs of both retail investors (end customers like you and me) and institutional investors (Mutual Funds or Pension funds). With the backing of IDBI Bank, IDBIDirect offers three in one account for a hassle-free customer experience.

In 2006, the Retail Broking & Distribution division of IDBI Capital started offering financial services to retail customers using website www.idbipaisabuilder.in. As the retail business of the company grew steadily, IDBI Capital decided to rename their services to www.idbidirect.in in Jan 2016.

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Accredited by BSE, NSE, and SEBI to provides broking services in following segments:

  • Equities ( also known as Stocks/Shares )
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives ( also known as Futures & Option )
  • IPOs
  • NCD (Non-Convertible Debentures)

IDBIDirect Open Account

IDBIDirect Demat and Account Opening Charging

Below are details of fees for opening Trading & Demat account with IDBIDirect:


IDBIDirect Trading Account Opening charges
Rs 500Once
IDBIDirect Trading Account Maintenance charges (AMC)NilNot applicable
IDBIDirect Demat Account opening chargesNilNot applicable
IDBIDirect Demat Account Maintenance chargesRs 350Yearly

IDBIDirect Brokerage Plan and Charges

IDBIDirect offers two brokerage plans so that individuals can select a plan suited for their personal needs.

While we will look at the plans in details, IDBI offers following different kinds of brokerage plans:

  1. Regular Plan (Fixed Brokerage).
  2. Ace Trader Plan (Brokerage reduces as trading turnover increases).

Regular Plan

Regular Plan is a fixed brokerage plan offered by IDBI.  Hence, if a customer opts for this scheme, then he pays a fixed percentage of traded turnover as brokerage fees (irrespective of any other reason). Fixed brokerage plan is simpler to understand, however, has a higher brokerage and hence is recommended for long term investors or customers who are starting to trade in the capital market. 

Trade TypeBrokerage
Equity Delivery( Means you buy stocks today and sell tomorrow or later)0.50% of turnover
Equity Intraday (Means you buy stocks today and sell them today)0.050% of turnover
Equity Futures ( Stocks Futures )0.050% of turnover
Equity Options ( Stocks Options )Rs 100 Per Lot

Ace Trader Plan

With IDBIDirect Ace Trader plan, the brokerage slab varies based on total trade turnover for the month. Ace Trader Plan rewards active traders with high trade turnover. Hence the more are trades executed; lesser is the brokerage. 

For example, if for given month total traded turnover is over Rs 200,000 then brokerage charged would be 0.45% of traded turnover, however, if the traded turnover were less than Rs 200,000, the brokerage would be 0.50%. 

The chart below illustrates brokerage slabs for Ace Trader Plan based as per market segment:

Delivery ( Buy today and sell later )


Trade TypeMonthly Trade TurnoverBrokerage Charged.
DeliveryUp to Rs. 2,00,0000.50%
DeliveryRs. 2,00,001-Rs. 5,00,0000.45%
DeliveryRs. 5,00,001- Rs. 10,00,0000.40%
DeliveryRs.10,00,001- Rs. 20,00,0000.35%
DeliveryRs.20,00,001- Rs. 40,00,0000.30%
DeliveryRs. 40,00,001- Rs.1,00,00,0000.25%
DeliveryRs.1,00,00,001-Rs. 5,00,00,0000.20%
DeliveryRs.5,00,00,001- Rs. 10,00,00,0000.15%
DeliveryAbove Rs. 10,00,00,0000.10%

Intraday Stocks  ( Buy today and sell today):


Trade TypeMonthly Trade TurnoverBrokerage Charged.
IntradayUp to Rs. 2,00,0000.050%
IntradayRs. 2,00,001-Rs. 4,00,0000.045%
IntradayRs. 4,00,001- Rs. 6,00,0000.040%
IntradayRs. 6,00,001- Rs. 8,00,0000.035%
IntradayRs. 800,001 to 10,00,000.030%
IntradayRs. 1,00,00,01 - above0.020%

Stock futures

Trade TypeMonthly Trade TurnoverBrokerage Charged.
FuturesUp to Rs. Up to Rs. 2,00,00,0000.048%
FuturesRs. 2,00,00,001- Rs. 5,00,00,0000.040%
FuturesRs. 5,00,00,001- Rs. 10,00,00,0000.035%
FuturesRs. 10,00,00,001 & above0.020%

IDBIDirect Open Account

IDBIDirect Trading Platform

IDBIDirect offers multiple trading platforms to its customers. Customers can use any platform depending upon their investment style and requirements. Advanced online trading systems provide clients with all the trading information enabling them to take informed investment decisions.

IDBIDirect Web-Browser Based Trading

IDBI Power Classic

IDBI Power classic is a basic website that allows customers to invest in mutual funds, IPOs, and shares. Designed for the first-time investor, Power Classic website has a simpler user interface and navigation to access various market segments.  Furthermore, since IDBI is a 3 in one broker, moving funds from savings account to trading account is seamless which is easier for investors getting started.

IDBI Power Streaming

To assist seasoned traders and investors, IDBIDirect developed IDBI Power Streaming a web browser based solution. It gives you access to features like real-time streaming quote, multiple watch-list, technical charts and much more so that you have complete control over your transactions.

IDBIDirect Desktop Based Trading Application

IDBI Power Pro

For High Volume Traders, IDBIDirect has developed desktop trading application Power Pro.  With advanced features like high-speed of order execution, inbuilt help on technical analysis, quickly updating ticks, and much more. Power Pro lets traders be in complete control while executing trades in the stock market and was designed so that traders could en-cash opportunities created by short-lived price movements. If you are an active trader and have an account with IDBI Direct, you should consider using IDBI Power Pro.

IDBIDirect Open Account


IDBIDirect Mobile Application

IDBI direct’s App is light, quick, easy to operate with intuitive and logical flows.
It allows you to operate in the stock markets at anytime from anywhere. Track live rates, create your own watchlists, place and monitor orders and trade positions. Provides critical decision-making tools like price charts, volumes, limits, and stock positions.

IDBI Direct Mobile application is available for Android and IOS platform.

Our Recommendation on IDBIDirect:

We would recommend opening the trading account with IDBIDirect, if you have a saving bank account with IDBIDirect and would like to build their relationship with IDBI bank. Because of brokerage structure, we would recommend that only customers who are starting investing open their account with IDBIDirect and moreover they should opt for Fixed Brokerage Plans when opening the account.

IDBIDirect Open Account

Have questions or would like to share your feedback about IDBIDirect with our customers, please leave a comment in the section below, and we would respond.