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What would be the real worth of your FD in 5 years?

As Indian, most of us believe in savings. Once saved, over 90% of Indians turn to options like Bank Fixed Deposits or Post Office Schemes for investments.

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Why are we turning bearish – Valuations !!!!

A few days ago I heard a TV reporter(think it was Zee Business) smiling & saying “So this is what a red closing looks like”, think the Sensex was down by 300 points on the day. While I truly admire the confidence of the reporter

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The Rise of Mutual Funds in India

India has come a long way since the launch of the first mutual fund by Government of India in 1963 which was operated by Unit Trust of India.

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Do mutual funds Turnover Ratio matter?

Industry experts use “Turnover Ratio” which represents the percentage of a fund’s holdings that changes every year. Hence if a mutual fund’s turnover ratio is 10%, it means that the fund manager has changed 10% of holding over last one year.

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Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd (NSE – HSCL)

Himadri Speciality Chemical makes coal tar by-products like coal tar pitch (CTP), creosote oils, naphthalene, carbon black and advanced carbon materials. It is the largest manufacturer of CTP in India, with a market share of 70%. The main product made out of coal tar is coal tar pitch (CTP) that is used in making aluminum and graphite.

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What does mutual fund’s cash components tell us? 

Cash component is the percentage of total mutual fund money which fund manager has kept in cash(for investing in future). To simplify, if a mutual fund has a corpus of Rs 100(from all its investor) and it has kept Rs 20 in cash, then cash component of the fund would be 20%.

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