Shall you open a trading account with Kotak Securities?

Kotak Securities is a fully owned subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Launched in 1994, today Kotak service over 15 lakhs customers from 1255 outlets in over 386 cities spread across India and the world.

Kotak Securities offers 3 in 1 account, hence along with opening a trading and Demat account, you will also need savings bank account with Kotak Mahindra bank. 

In today’s world where most brokers boast about their online trading platform, Kotak Securities offers online trading platform as well as assisted trading platform. Assisted trading platform is setup for customers who need face to face communication with financial experts for investment options.

Kotak Securities is accredited by Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE), National Stock Exchange(NSE) and SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India) to offer financial services in following segments:

  • Equities ( also known as Stocks/Shares )
  • Mutual Funds
  • Equity Derivatives ( Futures & Option )
  • Currency Derivatives ( Futures & Options )
  • Investment Advisory Service
  • Portfolio Management Service
  • Life Insurance

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Kotak Securities Demat and Account Opening Charging

Below are the details of account opening and annual maintenance charge for trading with Kotak Securities:


Kotak Securities Trading Account Opening charges
Rs 750Once
Kotak Securities Trading Account Maintenance charges (AMC)NilNot applicable
Kotak Securities Demat Account opening chargesNilNot applicable
Kotak Securities Demat Account Maintenance chargesRs 600Yearly

Kotak Securities Open Account

If you are interested in additional details, please read our detailed article about Kotak Demat accounts.

Kotak Securities Brokerage Charges

Kotak securities offer three types of brokerage plans and customers can choose a brokerage plan based on individual requirements. 

  1. Fixed Brokerage Plan
  2. Advanced Brokerage Plan
  3. Dynamic Brokerage Plan

Fixed Brokerage Plans

With Fixed Brokerage Plan, you will pay a fixed percentage of total trade turnover as brokerage. The brokerage charged is as details are as follows:

Trade TypeBrokerage
Equity Delivery( Means you buy stocks today and sell tomorrow or later)0.49% of turnover
Equity Intraday (Means you buy stocks today and sell them today)0.049% of turnover
Equity Futures ( Stocks Futures )0.049% of turnover
Equity Options ( Stocks Options )Rs 300 Per Lot

For instance, if a trader buys and sells shares of Infosys worth rupees two lakhs (same day – hence intraday), the brokerage calculation would be as follows:

Buy Amount – Rs 100000

Sell Amount – Rs 100000

Total TurnOver – Rs 200000

Brokerage Paid ( via Kotak Securities ) = 200000 * .049% = Rs 98 ( + Government Taxes )

Advanced Brokerage Plans

Advanced fees brokerage plan takes the hassle of brokerage out from trading. With this plan, traders opt for a reduced brokerage by prepaying brokerage in advance. The brokerage paid in advance is adjusted against the actual brokerage when you execute trades.

The advanced brokerage paid can be used to offset the brokerage and unused brokerage is returned after 12 months. 

Here are the plan details:

SegmentPlan A - Rs 5000Plan B - Rs 10,000Plan C - Rs 50,000Plan D - Rs 200,000
Stocks Delivery0.39%0.29%0.19%0.12%
Stocks Intra-Day and Futures0.040%0.035%0.030%0.015%
Stocks OptionsRs 225/- per lotRs 225/- per lotRs 125/- per lotRs 125/- per lot
Currency Futures 0.024%0.020%0.016%0.016%
Currency OptionsRs. 12Rs. 10Rs. 8Rs. 8

Dynamic Brokerage Plans

Dynamic brokerage plan is an innovative product from Kotak Securities. With this plan, your brokerage is calculated on a monthly basis based on the amount you traded. Hence, if you trade more in any given month then brokerage charged for that particular month is reduced.

Kotak Securities Open Account

Kotak Securities Trading Platform

Kotak Securities stands out among competitor by providing multiple trading platforms to its customers. Below are details about individual platforms:

Kotak Securities Web-Browser Based Trading.

Kotak Securities Website is a free, simple and high-speed web-based trading platform that gives you control over your portfolio, allows you to track the markets live, as well as buy and sell securities online, in real time.

Xtralite is an extra-light, super-fast trading website specially designed for trading using slow internet connections. Xtralite is mobile friendly and so you can access this website from your mobile phone even when you are connected to 2G.

Kotak Securities Desktop Based Trading.

KEAT ProX is a windows desktop software which needs to be installed on a windows computer or laptops for trading. Keat ProX deals with scripts on the BSE, NSE and NSE Currency markets. It also offers live streaming of stocks, real-time stock recommendations from Kotak Securities research analyst, an option to trade across market segments, offers a complete portfolio control and much from at blazing fast speed with no lag. 

FastLane is a java applet based trading platform developed by Kotak Securities which can be installed on your old-slower computer. With Fastlane, you can track the markets live, make trades, create watchlists and more without installing full-fledged trading software on your computer. Fastlane comes with a list of S&P CNX NIFTY scrips streaming live on it by default.

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Kotak Securities Mobile Based Trading.

Kotak Stock Trader(KST) is mobile trading applications developed by Kotak Securities for Android, IOS and Windows Phone platform. KST allows you to trade in equities, derivatives and currency derivatives, track your portfolio, get live streaming market updates, stock quotes and much more.

Kotak Securities mobile trading application offers you the latest market updates from market leading newspapers like Economic Times, Times Of India or Money Control. They have also tied up with Bloomberg TV and you watch the channel live from the application.

Investment portfolio pie gives you detailed information about equity, derivatives, mutual funds. Additionally, it also gives sector wise break up along with information on specific scripts from your portfolio.

The Kotak Stock Trader application caters to the needs of every investor. It converts your smartphone into a stock trading platform and helps you monitor your portfolio on the move.

Kotak Assisted Trading

Kotak Securities offers free assisted investing services to all its customers. The concept is simple,  if you are a Kotak Securities customer,  you can walk into any local Kotak securities office and talk to a financial advisor about your financial aspirations and how you can achieve them.

The program also offers a Personalized Relationship manager, who will assist customers while executing trades and making financial investment decisions. Kotak assisted trading also offers services like check pick up and drop off, call in trade, Free trading education and lots more. 

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