How good is Reliance Money stock broking? Should you open a account with them.

Reliance Money offers brokerage services to retail customers in India. Reliance Money is the brokerage arm of Reliance securities ( and a part of Reliance Anil Ambani Group ).

Reliance Money has developed India’s first Big Data Analytics and Robo Insights trading platform – Tick and Tick Pro. Tick & Tick Pro, along with great research team and competitive brokerage plan makes Reliance money leader in value-based investing.

With over 3 million customers and a network of over 11,000 outlets and 20,000 touch points in over 5,000 locations across India and continuously adding new branches & touch points, Reliance Money is solidifying its place in broking industry in India.

Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE), National Stock Exchange(NSE) and SEBI have approved Reliance Money to offer broking services for following segments:

  • Stocks ( know as shares or equities )
  • Futures and Options ( known as derivatives )
  • Currency Derivatives ( Futures )
  • IPOs ( Initial Public Offers )
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Mutual Funds
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits

Reliance Money Demat and Account Opening Charging

Below table contains details about Reliance Money Demat & Trading account opening and annual maintenance charges.

Reliance Money Trading Account Opening Fees.Rs 950Once
Reliance Money Trading Account Annual Maintenance Fees (AMC).NILNot applicable
Reliance Money Demat Account Opening Fees.NILNot applicable
Reliance Money Demat Account Annual Maintenance Fees (AMC).Rs 600Yearly.

Reliance Money Brokerage Charges

Reliance Money offers three types of brokerage plans, and customers can choose a brokerage plan based on individual requirements. 

  1. R-Fixed Brokerage Plan
  2. R-Fixed Online Brokerage Plan
  3. R-Flexi Brokerage Plan

R Fixed Brokerage Plan

With R-Fixed plan, customers pay a fixed percentage of total trade turnover as brokerage. As the name suggests, the brokerage payable with is fixed and simpler to understand. 

With this plan, customer’s receives a relationship manager who is available for financial advice, trading tips and other help associated with the financial market.

Below are details of brokerage for R Fixed Plan

Reliance Brokerage PlanTrading SegmentBrokerage percentage of turnover.
R Fixed PlanStocks Delivery0.50% of trade turnover.
R Fixed PlanStocks Intraday0.050% of trade turnover.
R Fixed PlanFutures (Both Sides)0.050% of trade turnover.
R Fixed PlanOptionsRs 100 Per Lot

R Fixed Online Brokerage Plan:

R-Fixed Online is a variant for R Fixed Plan for customers who are comfortable in using the internet,  smart phones and who do not need the support of dedicated relationship manager for trade execution. Since these clients do not need additional assistance, Reliance Money offers them a lower brokerage.

Reliance Brokerage PlanTrading SegmentBrokerage percentage of turnover.
R Fixed Online PlanStocks Delivery0.40% of trade turnover.
R Fixed Online PlanStocks Intraday0.040% of trade turnover.
R Fixed Online PlanFutures (Both Sides)0.040% of trade turnover.
R Fixed Online PlanOptionsRs 100 Per Lot

R Flexi Brokerage Plan:

R Flexi plan was introduced by Reliance Money to cater requirements of day traders or high volume investors. With R Flexi plans, brokerage reduces with increase in trade turnover, hence the more you trade, the lesser is brokerage charged.

R Flexi Plan offers variable brokerage based on the trading segment and below are details of delivery based trades.

Trade TypeMonthly Trade TurnoverBrokerage Charged.
DeliveryLess than 10 Lacs0.60%
Delivery10 Lacs to 25 Lacs0.50%
Delivery25 Lacs to 0.40%
Delivery50 Lacs to 2.5 Cr0.25%
DeliveryMore than 2.5 Cr0.15%

Below are details of brokerage for intraday trades and futures.

Trade TypeMonthly Trade TurnoverBrokerage Charged.
Intraday & FuturesLess than 2 Cr0.06%
Intraday & Futures2 Cr. to 5 Cr.0.05%
Intraday & Futures5 Cr. to 10 Cr.0.04%
Intraday & Futures10 Cr. to 25 Cr.0.025%
Intraday & Futures25 Cr. to 50 Cr.0.02%
Intraday & Futures50 Cr. or More0.015%

Below are details of brokerage for options.

Trade TypeMonthly Premium TurnoverBrokerage per lot
OptionsLess than 2 LacsRs 100
Options2 Lacs to 5 LacsRs 80
Options5 Lacs to 10 LacsRs 70
Options10 Lacs to 25 LacsRs 60
Options25 Lacs or MoreRs 50


R Flexi Plan is a great option for traders with high daily trade volumes who need to reduce their brokerage charges.

Reliance Money Trading Platform

Reliance Money offers multiple intuitive trading platforms to customers. These platforms include web-browser based trading, desktop-based trading and native mobile applications for trading across market segments. 

Reliance Money Web-Browser Based Trading.

Tick – Tick released in Feb-2017, offers big-data analytics & robo-insights based trading to retail investors in India within a web browser.  Robo insights are just picking up in India, and we think its awesome 

The biggest feature of Tick is that it keeps on analyzing huge amount of data( Big Data ) in real time from various leading sources like

  • Over 1600 industry leading analyst.
  • 850 top Broker House across India.
  • Over 4000 hedge funds.
  • 500 million tweets
  • Over 40000 companies

Tick processes all these and many more of data points available in the public domain and presents the intelligence gathered in a user-friendly visual format to customers who can execute the trades based on these details. 

Tick platform offers over 50 charts for every script including price movement, sentiment change, broker recommendations and much more. These details help investors get an overall view of each company with a single click.

Insta Plus – Insta Plus is a web browser based trading system which helps customers to place orders for trading across market segments from the convenience of web browser. Using InstaPlus customers can also invest in products such as Fixed Deposits, Mutual funds and much more.

Reliance Money Desktop Based Trading.

Insta Xpress – Insta XPRESS is a desktop software which needs installation on your office desktop/PC or laptop. InstaXpress allows customers to monitor market real time, create multiple watchlists, execute trades on multiple segments and much more.

Reliance Money Mobile Based Trading.

Tick Pro – Tick Pro is the next generation mobile based trading software from Reliance Securities. Although you can use Tick Pro to execute trades in Stocks and Currency segments, it really shines in options trading. 

Tick Pro offers multiple real-time market data scanners to identify market trends and help choose right options strategies using Robo-analytics and advanced technical chartings. The application scans over 25,000 contracts, 5,000 securities per second and identifies specific opportunities for covered calls, covered put, long straddle with highest implied volatility.

Tick Pro is available for Reliance Securities customers for Android and IOS platform.

Our recommendation

Reliance Securities is working to reinvent itself as leading value based investment company in India. With these investments in Tick and Tick Pro, Reliance Securities is indicating that it believes in future stock broking industry is going to compete based on technology rather than factors like brokerage amount.

We would recommend Reliance Securities to traders who deal predominately in options because Tick Pro provides a real edge while trading with options.