Is ShareKhan really the tiger of Market – in terms of stock broking?

ShareKhan is India’s leading retail brokerage firm (incorporated in Feb 2000) as a retail trading arm of S.S. Kantilal Ishwarlal Securities Limited (SSKI). SSKI has over 80 years of experience market experience and has been providing equity solutions to every segment of the financial market. By serving customers to well over 15 years, it has earned a reputation of a reliable broker which uses cutting edge technology and provides jargon-free advice to customers.

Today, ShareKhan has over 200 branch offices spread across 500 cities and over 2000 franchise partners in India for providing face to face customer service to investors/traders. ShareKhan has won multiple awards like “India’s most preferred broking house’ for providing outstanding service to its customers.

ShareKhan was acquired by French Bank BNP Paribas in Nov 2016, and today it is a subsidiary of  BNP Paribas SA.

BSE, NSE and other Government have approved ShareKhan for providing broking services in following segments:

  •             Stocks ( also known as cash market )
  •             Futures and Options ( also known as derivatives )
  •             Commodities ( Commodities Future )
  •             Currency ( Currency Futures )
  •             Mutual Funds

ShareKhan Open Account

ShareKhan Demat and Account Opening Charging

They offer two types of trading accounts, and customers can choose among them based on personal requirements and preferences.  The accounts types are:

  1. ShareKhan Classic account.
  2. ShareKhan Trade Tiger account.

The difference between these two is that TradeTiger account also gives access to “TradeTiger” desktop based stock application.

ShareKhan Logo

ShareKhan Classic Account

The Classic account allows customers to trade/invest in Stocks( both NSE and BSE ) and derivatives ( Futures & options). Since the Classic account is aligned to help beginners, it also offers free call in trades to customers who opt for this account type. Customers also get access to trading website to complete the transactions online. 

ShareKhan TradeTiger Account

TradeTiger account offers all services of the Classic account, but it also includes access to award-winning propriety desktop trading application developed by ShareKhan called “TradeTiger”.

TradeTiger is a desktop based stock trading application, which should be installed on your computer/laptop. Using trade tiger, a customer can trade in multiple exchanges BSE & NSE (Cash & F&O), MCX, NCDEX, Currency, Mutual Funds and much more from a single platform at blazing fast speeds.

Below are the details of annual maintenance charges for ShareKhan trading account and ShareKhan Demat account.

ShareKhan Classic Account Opening Fees.Rs 750Once
ShareKhan TradeTiger Account Opening Fees.Rs 1000Once
ShareKhan Trading Account Maintenance charges ( AMC )NilNot Applicable
ShareKhan Demat Account Opening ChargesNilNot Applicable
ShareKhan Demat Annual Account Maintenance.Rs 400Yearly


ShareKhan Brokerage Charges

ShareKhan offers two brokerage plans: Fixed and Prepaid AMC Schemes. The customer can select either based on his/her needs and switch among plans when required.

ShareKhan Fixed Brokerage Plan

With fixed brokerage plan customer pays a pre-decided fixed brokerage for transactions executed. Long-term investors generally opt for Fixed brokerage plan. Customers who are starting to invest in the financial market also use Fixed Brokerage Plan. The advantage is that brokerage structure is simpler to understand.

Trade TypeBrokerage
Equity Delivery( Means you buy stocks today and sell tomorrow or later)0.50% of turnover
Equity Intraday (Means you buy stocks today and sell them today)0.20% of turnover
Equity Futures ( Stocks Futures )0.2% of turnover
Equity Options ( Stocks Options )Higher of Rs 100 or 2.5% of premium per lot.
Currency Futures0.10% of turnover
Currency OptionsRs 30 per lot
Commodity Futures0.10% of turnover

ShareKhan PrePaid Brokerage Plan

In the case of Prepaid AMC schemes, the customer prepays brokerage to receive a reduced brokerage for future transactions. For example, if you opt for a prepaid AMC 30000 then you will pay Rs 30,000 while enrolling in this plan. By paying this upfront brokerage, you will receive a reduced brokerage (as per the table below).

Trade TypePrepaid AMC Rs 2000Prepaid AMC Rs 6000Prepaid AMC Rs 10000Prepaid AMC Rs 18000Prepaid AMC Rs 30000Prepaid AMC Rs 60000Prepaid AMC Rs 100000
Equity Delivery( Means you buy stocks today and sell tomorrow or later)0.40% of turnover0.25% of turnover0.22% of turnover0.20% of turnover0.18% of turnover0.15% of turnover0.15% of turnover
Equity Intraday (Means you buy stocks today and sell them today)0.07% of turnover0.05% of turnover0.045% of turnover0.040% of turnover0.030% of turnover0.020% of turnover0.010% of turnover
Equity Futures ( Stocks Futures )0.07% of turnover0.05% of turnover0.045% of turnover0.040% of turnover0.030% of turnover0.020% of turnover0.010% of turnover
Equity Futures ( Options Futures )Higher of 1.5% or Rs 100 per lot.
Higher of 1.0% or Rs 75 per lot.Higher of 1.0% or Rs 60 per lot.Higher of 1.0% or Rs 50 per lot.Higher of 0.5% or Rs 40 per lot.Higher of 0.5% or Rs 30 per lot.Higher of 0.5% or Rs 25 per lot.

It’s worth noting that prepaid AMC paid by customers cannot be withdrawn and is only adjustable against the brokerage generated.

ShareKhan Open Account

 ShareKhan Trading Platform

ShareKhan Trading Website

ShareKhan’s offers two websites to customers for trading on via the web browser. 

Below are the details: ( High Bandwidth Full Functionality Website ) ( Low Bandwidth Limited Bandwidth Website )

Both sites can be used to execute trades in the stock market. However, I recommend that customers use the full functionality site while on high-speed internet and use the mini website while browsing on low-speed internet connection.

ShareKhan Desktop Software

ShareKhan developed a proprietary windows based trading software called TradeTiger for execution of trades. TradeTiger is one of the best trading software available in Indian market with live streaming rates, advanced charting features, access all market segments( Stocks, Commodity, and Currency) in one software and lots more. 

Investors can also create own charts or mathematical models for rules-based alerts using TradeTiger.  For the more advanced users, TradeTiger offers inbuilt integration with AmiBroker Trading bridge for execution of trades based on charts from AmiBroker.  Trade Tiger also offers “Trade from Excel” using which customers can export live streaming data to MS-Excel, execute rules on the streamed data and add data on Order sheet of MS-Excel which can directly pass orders to TradeTiger for execution. Hence you can fetch data, do analysis and execute trades directly from MS-Excel.

ShareMobile Applications

ShareKhan has developed native Android and IOS applications using which customers can execute trades from their mobile devices. Although the apps are mobile based, they offer the complete ShareKhan trading experience like multi-exchange streaming watchlist, funds transfer, trade facilities in cash & derivatives and lots more.

Our recommendation on ShareKhan

ShareKhan outperforms most competitors in market research, and it excels in providing great trading calls to investors/traders across sectors and industries. ShareKhan also started online trading academy called “First Step” to boost trader education among Indian Investors. 

You should consider opening a trading account with ShareKhan if you are starting off in the stock market and need help with trading calls. Experienced traders also love ShareKhan because of the best trading software available in Indian market “Trader Tiger.”

ShareKhan Open Account

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